Lightning Policy

Boonsboro Country Club is a “Use At Your Own Risk” facility and is not equipped with a lightning detection system. In the case of severe weather it is the members and guests responsibility to discontinue outdoor activities and seek shelter.  If you’re on the golf course there are bathroom shelters at holes #4, #9, or #14 or return to the golf shop or clubhouse..
We insist that all members and guests adhere to the lightning policy and take precaution in the cause of severe weather. Failure to do so is at your own risk and Boonsboro Country Club accepts no liability for any Member or Guest who fails to co-operate with the above policy. If Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!


The Course at Boonsboro

  • The greens consist of a mixture of Poa Annua and Bentgrass.
  • The greens range in size from roughly 3,000 square feet to just over 6,000 square feet.
  • The greens are sloped from back to front and are a key characteristic in managing your golf ball around the course.
  • The par threes vary from short to mid iron shots to fairway metal shots and demand accuracy.
  • The par fours are the backbone of any course and Boonsboro is no exception.
  • Our par five holes are not long by today’s standards, but they still offer a challenge for the majority of golfers.

A “two grass” system is utilized on our fairways.  A base of bermudagrass provides good summertime conditions, while the majority of our season is played on a perennial ryegrass over-seed.

The roughs are a mixture of cool season and warm season grasses that are somewhat subject to rainfall, but present a fair challenge when fairways are missed.



2021 Aerification & Topdressing Schedule 

Monday, March 22 & Tuesday, 23 Aerify & Topdress Greens
Wednesday, March 24 Dryject Greens
Tuesday, April 20 Light Topdressing
Monday, May 10 Light Topdressing
Tuesday, June 1 Light Topdressing
Monday, June 21 Light Topdressing
Monday, July 5 Light Topdressing
Monday, July 26 Light Topdressing
Monday, August 16 Light Topdressing
Tuesday, September 7 & Wednesday, 8 Aerification & Topdressing
Wednesday, October 13 Verti-Cut & Topdress Greens